Sponsored by

Crown and Andrews
Crown and Andrews have generously donated prizes to be awarded at the Australian Nationals 2010 Rubik's Cube Tournmanent!

The time and generosity of Gerry Crown and his staff is greatly appreciated by speedcubing enthusiasts, both young and old. They're the national distributor of Rubik's products and they sell many more games such as Sketch-A-Graph
Daniel Hall
This website is generously hosted by Daniel Hall.

A big Thank You goes out from Australian speedcubers to Daniel for donating his time and resources to help keep this site up and running.
HK Now Store
HK Now Store have generously donated prizes to be awarded at the Lifestyle Seasons Summer 2014 Rubik's Cube Tournament!

HK Now Store stocks many puzzles, including Calvin's Puzzle.
Speed Stacks Australia
Speed Stacks Australia have generously donated the use of their equipment to make speedcubing competitions in Australia possible.

The Competition Timers available from their online store are currently recognised as the official timers to be used in WCA competitions.
The GPT Group
The GPT Group are a major supporter of speedcubing in Australia. They've generously provided us with an ideal venue, staging, and equipment at their shopping centre to host a national competition. Organising an event with them has been made much easier with their assistance.

You'll often find speedcubers catching up on weekends at Melbourne Central.
Verdes Innovations S.A.
Verdes Innovations S.A. has shown an ongoing support for speedcubing by providing high quality V-CUBE puzzles for prizes.

The complexity of puzzles in competitions has increased with the introduction of the V-CUBE 6 and V-CUBE 7, while the quality of the V-CUBE 5 has helped elite speedcubers attain faster world records. You too can experience this quality by visiting the V-CUBE online store!